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    Create Your Own Enhanced PDF Library with ReadCube

    Date: July 06, 2017

    The ReadCube enhanced PDF format, already currently available for Journal of Bone and Mineral Research and JBMR® Plus, enables you to use the actual PDF as the start of your discovery, instead of the search engine. ReadCube also allows you to create your own PDF library that is full-text searchable, and includes other special features such as hyperlinked in-line citations, annotation tools, instant access to valuable supplemental materials, clickable author names, high-resolution figure browser, and article metrics. JBMR® and JBMR® Plus readers can also receive personalized article recommendations based on research interests.

    All of these tools are currently available to you with the free desktop app to enhance your downloaded PDFs at www.readcube.com, or visit any article in JBMR® or JBMR® Plus, and click on an article PDF link to try the enhanced PDF today!

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