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    ASBMR Announces the 2010 Career Enhancement and Junior Faculty Osteoporosis Research Awards

    Date: November 09, 2010

    The ASBMR is proud to announce the recipient of the 2010 Career Enhancement Award:

    • Kenneth M. Kozloff, Ph.D., University of Michigan, USA (General Research Award) Title: Susceptibility of OI Bone to Microdamage, and Implications for Bisphosphonate Treatment

    ASBMR would like to thank Lilly for supporting this award.

    We are also proud to announce the first recipients of the ASBMR 2010 Junior Faculty Osteoporosis Research Awards:

    • Roy Morello, Ph.D. (Basic Research Award), University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Grant Title: Sc65, A Novel Osteoporosis Related Gene
    • Beatrice Jara-Almonte Edwards, M.D., MPH (Clinical Research Award), Northwestern University Grant Title: Functional Status and Mortality after Non Hip Fractures: The Study of Osteoporotic Fractures

    ASBMR would like to thank Amgen for supporting these awards.

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