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    NIH’s All of Us Research Program Seeks Input on Research Priorities – Deadline is February 23, 2018

    Date: February 08, 2018

    The NIH’s All of Us Research Program is seeking ideas of important research questions that could be addressed by the program, to inform future updates to the resource that would be of most benefit to participants, researchers, and the broader community.

    The All of Us Research Program aims to build one of the largest, most diverse datasets of its kind for health research, with one million or more volunteers nationwide who will sign up to share their health information and bio-specimens over time. Researchers will be able to access participants’ de-identified information for a variety of studies to learn more about the biological, behavioral, genetic and environmental factors that influence health and disease. Their findings may lead to more individualized health care approaches in the future. The program is currently in beta testing, with a national launch anticipated in spring 2018.

    To maximize research opportunities in All of Us for bone, muscle, and orthopedic diseases and conditions, we strongly encourage you and your team to brainstorm for ideas of important research questions that could be answered in the prospective cohort of one million or more participants enrolled in the All of Us program to advance precision medicine in musculoskeletal diseases. This input will help the All of Us program identify new features to add to the platform to support research across a range of health topics and advance precision medicine.

    The ideas of important research questions are collected by All of Us program through something called a “use case” that describes a health problem or research question of interest and the data elements that would be needed to address the problem or question. You may submit use cases at https://allofus.nih.gov/researchpriorities by February 23, 2018 (please note that the deadline has been recently extended). The information you provide will be used at the All of Us Research Priorities Workshop on March 21–23, 2018, to identify key research priorities and requirements (such as data types and methods) for future versions of the All of Us protocol.

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