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    ASBMR-NIH "Fishbowl" Conversations

    Date: October 08, 2011

    At a council meeting in February of this year, an interaction between ASBMR Council members and NIH representatives from 6 Institutes was conducted in a “fishbowl” format. The purpose of the meeting was to identify ways that the ASBMR can better align its strategic priorities with those of the NIH and best serve the needs of its members. NIH representatives formed a circle and were surrounded by ASBMR members who asked questions. The discussion was lively and the responses informative with reduced research funding in the back of everyone’s mind. While the conversation addressed research priorities at each of the Institutes (these are publicly available on the Institutes’ websites), one overarching theme developed around the importance of collaboration and multidisciplinary research. Discussion centered on potential alliances between fields or “integrated science”, development of interacting systems to foster crosstalk, and promotion of cross-disciplinary research. It was suggested that investigators could work together across fields to strengthen their grants applications. “Partnerships are key.” It was also suggested that young researchers should be trained to think more broadly than has been true in the past and that multidisciplinary training should be encouraged. This dialogue was so favorably perceived that one of the 2011 ASBMR Strategic Goals is to “Expand Two-Way Dialogue and Exchange of Ideas between ASBMR and NIH Thought Leaders”. There will be more information on this and the rest of ASBMR’s new strategic goals in the coming months.

     Lynda Bonewald, Ph.D.

    Jennifer Westendorf, Ph.D.

    John Adams, M.D.

    Paula Stern, Ph.D.

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