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    ASBMR Member Melissa Kacena, PhD meets Vice President Mike Pence and Buzz Aldrin during the 50th Anniversary of the Lunar Landing

    Date: July 25, 2019

    ASBMR’s very own Melissa Kacena, Ph.D. had the opportunity to meet both Vice President Mike Pence and Buzz Aldrin on Saturday, July 20th, during the 50th anniversary celebration of the moon landing at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Dr. Kacena and her team at Indiana University School of Medicine team are currently in Florida prepping for their second spaceflight mission to examine bone healing in space. Their second mission launched yesterday, July 24th on SpaceX-18. Thanks go to Dr. Kacena and the team at Indiana for taking a moment to advocate for bone research in a creative way during this celebratory event!

    Please share your stories with us of other creative opportunities that you’ve had to advocate for bone, mineral and musculoskeletal research! Email us at asbmr@asbmr.org in order to be featured in e-News or on our social media accounts!

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