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    Free Copies of JBMR® Perspective on Reproducibility of Results in Preclinical Studies at Annual Meeting

    Date: September 04, 2014

    Be sure to pick up your free copy of the timely JBMR® perspective, “Reproducibility of Results in Pre-Clinical Studies: A Perspective from the Bone Field,” at the ASBMR 2014 Annual Meeting. Authors Stavros Manolagas and Henry Kronenberg review the impact of poor reproducibility in the field of bone and mineral research and beyond and suggest measures to alleviate the problem. Emphasizing that all those engaged in research must take responsibility for the quality of their research and how it is communicated in the published literature, the authors add that scientific journals also have a major role to play in enhancing reproducibility and ensuring that self-correction is not stifled. The need for more careful consideration of publication of negative studies, which are often rejected because of a perceived lack of impact, is also discussed. An introduction by Editor-in-Chief Juliet Compston gives a brief overview of growing concerns about the reproducibility of biomedical research (see “Policy: NIH Plans to Enhance Reproducibility.”)

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