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    Introducing the New ASBMR Women’s Committee Short Series: Women in Science – Across the Globe

    Date: May 28, 2015


    This is the first blog post in a short series presented by the Women in Bone and Mineral Research Committee focusing on women in science across the globe. Each month, the Women’s Committee will focus on a specific region and highlight stories or articles that are pertinent to female researchers in that area. In this month’s blog post, you will find articles focusing on women in Australia on the following topics.

    • A loss of female talent in the Australian scientific workforce and what can be done about it
    • An Australian female scientist and her personal story of transitioning from a job in industry back to academia
    • Why girls lack confidence in the STEM fields
    • What women in Australian science really  need – formal mentoring programs

    Discover the full blog post and read all of these articles in the ASBMR Women in Bone Resource Center here. Be sure to share to your thoughts in the comments section.

    Do you have something to say about Women in Science in your own country or region of origin? Send it to the ASBMR Women’s Committee here.

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