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    Design Enhancements for JBMR® Online!

    Date: April 27, 2017


    We are pleased to announce a new page design appearing in the online April issue of JBMR®. Working to complement the increase in unlimited color images, you’ll see color added to the online PDF in several areas, such as in article type along the running head, in the JBMR® logo, and in a shading box for the abstract and the footnote.

    Since September 1, 2016, the JBMR® color page-fee charges have been replaced with a flat fee. Don’t forget that ASBMR members pay a reduced flat rate per published manuscript, and this flat fee includes unlimited color images. Take advantage of this new fee and the new design enhancements to showcase unlimited color figures in your article in JBMR®.

    You can also submit your particularly striking scientific image to be on the cover of the JBMR®. View the submission instructions and submit your image today.

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