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    Help Increase Federal Funding to NIH!

    Date: July 03, 2013

    Capitol Action Alert NIHNext week, the Senate Appropriations Committee is expected to vote on the Labor, Health and Human Services (LHHS) bill that will provide fiscal year (FY) 2014 funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH). FASEB issued its annual funding report in April, recommending that the NIH budget be increased to $32 billion in FY 2014, the amount necessary to prevent further erosion of the nation’s capacity for biomedical research and provide funding for additional grantees. It is not clear when the House will consider the LHHS bill but due to tight spending limits, NIH could be cut by another 18 percent below the FY 2013 level sequestration level ($29.3 billion). Use this FASEB Action Alert to email your Senators and Representative to let them know that additional cuts to NIH are unacceptable! You should modify the email letter to include information about how sequestration is affecting your research and why NIH funding is valuable to your home institution, and/or your state/city’s local economy.

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