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    Department of Defense (DOD) Bone Research Funding Available

    Date: February 12, 2012

    The Department of Defense (DoD) has recently announced the availability of its Peer Review Medical Program for 2012. This year’s Defense Appropriations Act provides $50 million to the DoD Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program (PRMRP). The PRMRP challenges the scientific and clinical communities to submit original ideas that foster new directions in basic science and translational research; novel product development leading to improved therapeutic or diagnostic tools; or clinical trials that address an immediate clinical need. The PRMRP is soliciting research applications for 22 topic areas, including osteoporosis and related bone disease, and Paget’s disease. The full list of topics can be viewed on their website.

    A pre-application is required and must be submitted through the CDMRP eReceipt website prior to the April 10, 2012 pre-application deadline. Requests for email notification of the program announcements release may be sent to help@cdmrp.org. For more information about the PRMRP or other CDMRP-administered programs, please visit the CDMRP website.

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