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    Advancing Prevention Research at the NIH: Osteoporotic Fracture Prevention

    Date: November 01, 2017

    David M. Murray, Ph.D., Associate Director for Prevention and Director, Office of Disease Prevention (ODP) served as Guest Director for this month’s NIAMS Update. In his letter, Dr. Murray touches on the importance of prevention to the NIH and how the Office of Disease Prevention plans to incorporate prevention in its strategic plan for FY 2019-23. The NIAMS and the ODP are partners in a variety of activities, including a new Pathways to Prevention workshop on osteoporotic fracture prevention, to be held in 2018 in collaboration with the National Institute on Aging. This workshop will convene an independent panel of investigators to hear presentations from scientific experts, to consider the results of an extensive evidence review, and to develop recommendations for research related to osteoporotic fracture prevention. Read the full letter here.

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