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    ASBMR Education Committee and Membership Engagement Committee Merged

    Date: June 25, 2014

    At its recent meeting, the ASBMR Council voted to merge the Education Committee and Membership Engagement Committee into one committee named the “Membership Engagement and Education Committee.” This was in response to a recommendation from the ASBMR Finance Committee to review ASBMR committees with the goal of improving efficiency.  Given the considerable overlap (and collaboration) between the Education Committee and the Membership Engagement Committee, they have been combined into one committee. The activities of the committees will remain the same, and the current chairs, Stavroula Kousteni and Melissa Kacena, will serve as co-chairs.   The updated charges and the membership roster for the ASBMR Membership Engagement and Education Committee are available on the ASBMR website.  

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