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    NEW! Hands on Workshop Highlight: How to Get the Most Out of the UCSC Genome Browser

    Date: July 21, 2016

    The aim of this workshop is to show how the UCSC Genome Browser can be used to access genome-wide data in support of research efforts. The Browser displays annotations of a variety of types, including the location and function of genes, histone modification, transcription factor binding sites, known variation at all scales from a single nucleotide (SNPs) to large copy-number variants (CNVs) both with and without phenotypic association and many others, which can all be visualized together in a consistent format and interface. Users may upload their own experimental data, including RNA-seq and whole-exome sequencing data for display alongside resident data and can save and share Browser sessions with colleagues or export for publication. Finally, the Table Browser is used to perform intersections and data filtering, and can make fresh data tracks from the output.

    Download the Preliminary Program to see the Learning Objectives for this session and make sure to register online when you submit your registration for the Annual Meeting!

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