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    ASBMR Nominating Committee – Working to Identify Future Leaders

    Date: December 18, 2013

    The ASBMR Call for Nominations will be issued in January.  The Society will be seeking candidates for President-Elect and Council positions, as well as programmatic committees.  Charges for each committee can be found on the ASBMR website. If you’ve applied in the past and have been unsuccessful, you’re encouraged to try again.  There are more interested individuals each year than there are available positions, but persistence pays off. 

    The ASBMR Nominating Committee is responsible for actively developing a list of potential Officer, Councilor and Committee candidates.  The Committee carefully reviews nomination materials for each candidate and makes recommendations for open positions to the ASBMR Council for approval.  Every effort is made to ensure diversity in regards to geographic area, gender and degree.  The Committee also works to include Young Investigators in committee positions as much as possible. 

    The 2014 ASBMR Nominating Committee is:

    Lynda F. Bonewald, Ph.D., USA – Chair
    Bart Clarke, M.D., USA
    Richard Eastell, M.D., FRCP, United Kingdom 
    Henry Kronenberg, M.D., USA
    Elizabeth Shane, M.D., USA
    Natalie Sims, Ph.D., Australia

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