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    Urge your Representative to Support Science Agency Funding!

    Date: March 02, 2016


    Congress is beginning its work on the Fiscal Year 2017 budget, and as it has in the past several years, the House Appropriations Committee has asked individual Representatives to submit "Programmatic Requests." This is a process that allows Members of Congress to recommend funding levels for programs/agencies, and is used to assess how much support there is for a specific program/agency. The more “Programmatic Requests” that are submitted on behalf of agencies like NIH or NSF, the more likely those agencies are to receive a funding increase.

    We expect that this will be a difficult and contentious year so it is important both to thank Congress for past increases as well as to remind them of how important sustained and predictable funding is to continued research progress.

    Please use our legislative alert to thank your Representative for their past support and urge him/her to submit Programmatic Requests on behalf of research agencies including the NIH and NSF.

    The deadlines for these requests are in March so please submit your request today and forward this message to your colleagues.

    NOTE: Messages should be sent from your personal computer and email address.

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