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    New JBMR® Author Guidelines Address Reproducibility Concerns

    Date: October 01, 2014

    In response to rising concerns over the reproducibility of biomedical research, the author guidelines and submission procedures for the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research’s (JBMR®) have recently been updated. These updates affect the submission workflow of author forms required for peer review and publication, as detailed below:

    ARRIVE: Authors submitting preclinical research are now required to complete an adapted ARRIVE (Animals in Research: Reporting In Vivo Experiments) checklist at submission. 

    CONSORT: Authors of manuscripts reporting results of clinical trials are now required to upload the CONSORT checklist at submission.

    To learn more about this important issue, read the timely JBMR® perspective, “Reproducibility of Results in Pre-Clinical Studies: A Perspective from the Bone Field,” in which authors Stavros Manolagas and Hank Kronenberg review the impact of poor reproducibility in the field of bone and mineral research and beyond and suggest measures to alleviate the problem.

    Author Agreement: The conflict of interest (COI) and copyright transfer (CTA) portions of the current Author Agreement can now be completed electronically as a web form, eliminating the need for authors to print, scan and upload a PDF form upon submission. 

    • COI information will be collected during submission via an online questionnaire on ScholarOne.
    • The CTA will be completed at manuscript acceptance: If a manuscript is accepted for publication, the corresponding author will receive an e-mail prompt to log in to Author Services. Author Services is a Wiley web application that provides production tracking, as well as other resources for authors. From this site, corresponding authors can complete the CTA on behalf of all authors on the paper.

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