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    ASBMR 2011 Annual Meeting Webcasts Now Available

    Date: November 09, 2011

    Catch the excitement from the ASBMR 2011 Annual Meeting! You can now view select webcasts that showcase cutting-edge scientific presentations from the bone and mineral field. Take advantage of this incredible educational opportunity and view the webcasts today! Sessions include:

    • Gerald D. Aurbach Memorial Lecture  -  MicroRNA Control of Muscle Development and Disease, Eric Olson, Ph.D., University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
    • Louis V. Avioli Lecture  -  Osteocytes: The Great Communicators, Lynda F. Bonewald, Ph.D., University of Missouri at Kansas City
    • ASBMR/ECTS Clinical Debate  -  Calcium Supplementation Is Safe and Effective
    • Plenary Symposium I  -  Muscle and Bone Interactions
    • Plenary Symposium II  -  Lipotoxicity: Bad to the Bone
    • Plenary Symposium III  -  Novel Genetic and Epigenetic Approaches to Human Disease
    • Clinical Roundtable/Case Conference  -  Anabolic Agents for Fracture Repair
    • Clinical Roundtable/Case Conference  -  Managing Musculoskeletal Disease in Chronic Renal Insufficiency
    • Clinical Roundtable/Case Conference  -  Monitoring Osteoporosis Therapy  -  To Scan or Not to Scan?
    • Clinical Update for Health Professionals
    • Clinical Update for Health Professionals  -  IOM Report on Vitamin D
    • Clinical Evening at ASBMR
    • Meeting Overview for Health Professionals
    • Regulatory Opportunities and Challenges in Osteoporosis
    • Select sessions from the Endocrine Fellows Forum (EFF)
    • Esteemed Award Presentations
    To view these webcasts, visit the ASBMR website.

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