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    Data Sharing for JBMR® and JBMR® Plus

    Date: October 19, 2017

    The ASBMR and our publishing partner, Wiley, support efforts to encourage the sharing of research data. The sharing of data enables others to reuse experimental results and supports the creation of new work built on previous findings, improving the efficiencies of the research process and supporting the critical goals of transparency and reproducibility. The ASBMR journals encourage authors to share the data and other artifacts supporting the results of a paper by archiving it in an appropriate public repository. Authors should include a data accessibility statement, including a link to the repository they have used, in order that this statement can be published alongside their paper.

    At Wiley’s Data Sharing Service page, you can find answers to common questions such as “What are the copyright implications for sharing data?” or “How do I cite research data?” There are many options for depositing and sharing research data. One available repository is Figshare, which is integrated with the Wiley platform within existing journal workflows. Do not hesitate to contact the editorial offices of JBMR® or JBMR® Plus for more information on Figshare or other supported depositories.

    We would also like to hear from you about your experiences sharing data, citing data, and complying with funder mandates for open data. Please click here to submit your comments or questions.

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