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    Your Action Needed Now - Support DXA Legislation

    Date: November 02, 2011

    ASBMR is joining with coalition partners to hold a "virtual fly-in" this week on Capitol Hill. Members are asked to contact their members of Congress in support of the DXA bills, HR 2020 and S. 1096. Unless Congress acts on these proposals, reimbursement rates for DXA will drop by approximately 50% on January 1, 2012.

    Please click here to send an email to your members of Congress in support of HR 2020 and S.1096. Your emails, combined with the grassroots efforts of our coalition partners, will help to demonstrate the widespread, community-based support for HR 2020 and S. 1096.

    A few seconds of your time could make a big difference in our success. Please send an e-mail to your members of congress today. Thank you for your support.

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