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    A Recipe for Change: Creating a More Inclusive Academy

    Date: August 17, 2016

    Science Magazine recently posted an article called “A Recipe for Change: Creating a More Inclusive Academy,” which highlights the ways data, leadership, and policy can be used to transform STEM institutions into more inclusive spaces for women. The article lays out a six-point plan of “what needs to change, who should participate, and how actors outside of the academy should have direct involvement in the process.” The points are:

    • Learn the social science research to combat bias
    • Leaders must understand the context of their institution and be accountable for diversity and inclusion
    • Seek external catalyzing resources, including funding agencies and private foundations
    • Focus at the department level to change institutional culture and practices
    • Collect and publicly share data about the change process
    • Policy change is critical, including promotion and tenure policies

    The ASBMR Women in Bone and Mineral Research Committee wants to hear from you! Has your institution enacted any inclusivity initiatives? Read the full article and let us know your thoughts by posting on the ASBMR Community Page or on our LinkedIn group.

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