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    NIH Common Fund - Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs)

    Date: February 19, 2012

    The goal of the US National Institutes of Health’s Common Fund Health Care Systems (HCS) Research Collaboratory program is to facilitate cost-effective, large-scale research studies that utilize health care delivery organizations as research partners. The program will to provide a framework of implementation methods and best practices that will enable the participation of many health care systems in clinical research.

    Under this program, the NIH expects to:

    1. establish a Coordinating Center that will provide national leadership and technical expertise in all aspects of research with HCS
    2. support the design and rapid execution of a set of high impact Demonstration Projects that will conduct research studies in partnership with health care delivery systems
    3. make available data, tools and resources from these and other projects to facilitate a broadened base of research partnerships with HCS

    As part of this program:

    RFA-RM-11-021 will solicit applications for a Coordinating Center to provide national leadership for the NIH Health Care Systems (HCS) Research Collaboratory program.  The Coordinating Center will:

    1) develop, adapt, and adopt technical and policy guidelines and best practices to effectively conduct research studies in partnership with health care systems; 

    2) work collaboratively with each Demonstration Project team, including their partnering health care systems, to develop and test an implementation plan for the proposed Demonstration Projects and provide technical, design, and coordination support

    3) widely disseminate lessons learned in the Demonstration Projects research studies that improve health and care delivery.  The Coordinating Center will also serve as the central resource for the activities of the HCS Research Collaboratory program, including providing administrative support for the Steering Committee and its subcommittees.

    RFA-RM-12-002 will solicit applications for UH2/UH3 cooperative agreements.  These will establish Demonstration Projects to provide efficient, large-scale clinical trials that will be conducted within the NIH Health Care Systems (HCS) Research Collaboratory and supported through the NIH Common Fund.  (See http://commonfund.nih.gov/hcscollaboratory/). Awards will initially support a one-year milestone-driven planning phase (UH2), with possible rapid transition to the second implementation phase (UH3) for a pragmatic Demonstration Project. UH3s will be awarded after administrative review of eligible UH2s that have met the scientific milestone and feasibility requirements necessary for the UH3 implementation phase. The UH2/UH3 application must be submitted as a single application, and applicants should note specific instructions for each phase in this FOA. 

    Complete details are available at:

    Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs)

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