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    New Big Data Website Inventory Is Now Online

    Date: August 20, 2014

    The International Federation of Musculoskeletal Research Societies (IFMRS) has announced that the new IFMRS Big Data Website Inventory is now available online. The inventory is divided into four categories: Epigenomics, Genomics, Transcriptomics: Coding and Transcriptomics: Non-coding RNA.

    The inventory was developed by the IFMRS Work Group on Big Data, chaired by ASBMR Past-President Lynda Bonewald, Ph.D., with the participation of representatives from the IFMRS member societies, including ANZBMS, ASBMR, ECTS, , IBMS, ICMRS, JSBMR, ORS and SIBOMM . IFMRS was started by ASBMR and the European Calcified Tissue Society (ECTS) in 2012 to bridge the gap between and open channels of communication among the numerous musculoskeletal research societies around the world. A session on this topic will be available at the ASBMR 2014 Annual Meeting.

    The IFMRS Work Group on Big Data is sponsoring a session at the ASBMR 2014 Annual Meeting on how the ENCODE Project can support musculoskeletal research. Elise Feingold, Ph.D., Project Director from the US National Human Genome Research Institute, will speak on the resources that ENCODE provides, and Timothy Hubbard, Ph.D., Professor of Bioinformatics at Kings College in London, will speak on how musculoskeletal research could benefit from ENCODE resources. The session is scheduled for the following date and time.

    The Role of ENCODE in Advancing Musculoskeletal Research, September 14, 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., Room 320/George R. Brown Convention Center

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