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    Try Out JBMR®’s New “Enhanced Article”

    Date: March 05, 2014

    The next time you access a JBMR® article online, you may notice a new option to open an “enhanced article (HTML).” If you click on this option (see illustration), you will be able to read the article you’ve selected in a cleaner format, and you’ll notice new features that improve readability and usability. These new features allow you to immediately jump to different parts of an article, click on references as they occur in-line in the text or see all references in an unobtrusive side panel, use the new Figure Viewer, which allows you to flip through and zoom in, and download figures as PowerPoint slides. Whether you’re using a desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone, viewing is optimized for the type of device you’re using. Authors will be pleased to know that enhanced article HTML also improves search engines’ and indexing services’ ability to find your articles.

    Future releases will include additional functionalities, such as citation tools, article-level metrics, embedded video, related content recommendations, and more.

    After trying out the new enhanced article option, be sure to click the “Enhanced Article Feedback” link to send the publisher your comments.

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