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    Inaugural JBMR Viewpoint Feature - “More Bone Mineral Density Testing Is Needed, Not Less”

    Date: February 19, 2012

    The JBMR is introducing a new feature, the “Viewpoint” article. The intent of

    Viewpoint articles is to provide rapid, critical commentaries, generally reflecting differing perspectives, on pressing topics arising in the bone field that the JBMR editors believe deserve immediate discussion and dissemination.

    In the inaugural JBMR Viewpoint article, osteoporosis experts Drs. E. Michael Lewiecki, Andrew Laster, Paul Miller and John Bilezikian write that monitoring bone mineral density by DXA should be done at intervals much shorter than 15 years for many individuals. These include younger postmenopausal women at high risk for fracture, patients whose DXA scans indicate bone mineral density values substantially below normal, those with prior fracture or clinical risk factors for fracture, and patients already receiving osteoporosis drug therapy.

    This initial Viewpoint article comments on the findings of Dr. Margaret Gourlay and colleagues, published in the New England Journal of Medicine in January 2012.  The JBMR is also publishing a Viewpoint article by Dr. Gourlay.

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