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    JBMR Tools for Measuring Research Impact

    Date: November 16, 2016

    Did you know? Using Kudos to explain and share your work correlates to a 23% increase in full-text downloads.

     Kudos is an award-winning platform that gives authors new tools to share your work with others and measure the impact of your research. Kudos also provides a dashboard for viewing multiple metrics related to your publication: page views, citations, full-text downloads, and Altmetrics. And the best part is, as a JBMR author, you receive free access to Kudos through Wiley Author Services and can start tracking your personalized research impact right away. Once you are registered, your JBMR articles will automatically upload to Kudos and you will get a notification when the metrics for that article are available to view. Check out this page for more information on Kudos and to watch a video on how it works.

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