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    How to Determine Whether to Do a Press Release About Your JBMR® Article

    Date: June 04, 2014

    How can you tell if your accepted JBMR® paper warrants a press release? How can you ensure that time-starved, information-saturated journalists even look at your article? A few tips, courtesy of John Wiley and Sons (the publisher of JBMR®), include:

    1. Relevance to Readership/Community. Who will read and engage with your paper? Will your paper generate controversy only in one specific scientific field — or does it have broader interest for the general public?
    2. Meaningfulness. How will this story affect people in everyday life? If your research is mass-media newsworthy, then its ramifications won’t only be felt in the lab or at a conference, it will have a direct impact on daily life.
    3. Discovery. To be truly newsworthy, a paper must herald a new discovery or significantly extend existing knowledge. 

    For seven more tips, click here. For examples of JBMR® press releases, click here.  If you think your article warrants a press release, please notify your Associate Editor. If your institution or funding body has a press team, you can visit the Wiley Press Room for examples of successful press releases, Wiley’s embargo policy, and a quick guide to PR for authors.

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