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    ASBMR Convenes New Task Force on Osteoporotic Fracture Secondary Prevention

    Date: December 07, 2010

    In response to the global need to improve systems of care to optimize bone health and osteoporosis care, the ASBMR has established a multidisciplinary, international task force to explore the issue of secondary prevention of osteoporotic fractures and develop a report for presentation at the next ASBMR Annual Meeting, September 16-20, 2011, in San Diego, California, USA.  The task force has been charged with the following.

    • Review the successes and failures of osteoporosis health care delivery globally.
    • Review the international experience of systems-based approaches and how/why they are the most appropriate.
    • Collate the international osteoporosis community's experience of such approaches in different health care delivery systems and determine the common denominators for successful programs.
    • Define a universally acceptable prevention and treatment systems-based approach that can be a mission statement and that addresses acceptable cost-effectiveness.
    • Develop a unified approach to osteoporosis health care delivery that will have a positive impact on patient care.
    • Define a research agenda.

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