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    Make Your JBMR® Article Discoverable and Visible

    Date: February 26, 2014

    Once your JBMR® article has been published, there are still a few more steps to take to maximize your article’s visibility online. Most authors know that to enhance online search, they need to write good abstracts, use clear, short titles, and include relevant keywords. Savvy authors also share their articles on social media platforms, such as ASBMR’s Facebook and Twitter channels. In addition to others sharing your post or tweet, you may find that followers and fans will post queries about your JBMR® article, and you’ll be able to engage in a dialogue  about your paper. Let us know if you’d like to post a comment or tweet about your article on ASBMR’s Facebook and Twitter channels—we’re happy to help. For more tips on optimizing search results, click here.

    See below for an example of an engaging social media interaction on ASBMR's Facebook page.

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