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    NEW Funding Opportunity from TRI – Deadline to Apply is June 29th!

    Date: June 15, 2017

    The Translational Research Institute (TRI), led by Baylor College of Medicine, has been tasked by NASA to identify and fund groundbreaking research and development that can reduce the risks to the health and performance of humans on space exploration missions. TRI is also committed to developing a robust and well-trained workforce that can enable NASA’s missions. TRI is releasing a funding opportunity that seeks to support the nation’s brightest postdoctoral fellows in performing research related to human space flight. Two-year fellowships are available in any U.S. laboratory carrying out biomedical research.

    Fellowships enable young scientists to train as independent investigators with their own research projects while continuing to learn from experienced faculty mentors. The program serves as a mechanism to strengthen the high-tech workforce of the future.

    Applicants must submit research proposals together with an identified mentor and institution. Independent investigators with existing research grant support may request to be listed as possible mentors for this program by contacting TRI@nasaprs.com no later than June 29, 2017. Selected applicants will receive a stipend for salary support, allowance for health insurance, and travel funds for related scientific meetings. An optional, competitive third year of support is possible. Funds to support the research itself must be supplied by the mentor.

    All categories of United States (U.S.) institutions are eligible to submit proposals (universities, federal government laboratories, the private sector, and state and local government laboratories).

    Further information is available here. Full proposals submitted through nspires.nasaprs.com will be due on July 31, 2017.

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