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    Congratulations to Georgia Antoniou, M.D., 2018 Recipient of the ASBMR Phoebe Leboy Award!

    Date: September 19, 2018

    The Women in Bone and Mineral Research Committee is pleased to announce the 2018 recipient of the ASBMR Phoebe Leboy Award, Georgia Antoniou, M.D. Dr. Antoniou is an Orthopedic Surgical Resident at the Agia Sofia General Children’s Hospital in Athens, Greece, where she aspires to become a pediatric orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Antoniou’s long-term goals include continuing her training in bone metabolism so she can ultimately devote her career to metabolic bone disorders in children, and specifically on finding the threshold after which adipose tissue becomes harmful to the overall bone health of both children and adults. The Phoebe Leboy Professional Development Award provides a female young investigator who resides outside the United States with the resources needed for her to attend the ASBMR Annual Meeting, mentorship from senior women in the field, and complimentary membership in the Society. The award is named in honor of the legacy and contributions of Dr. Phoebe Leboy, a longstanding ASBMR member who dedicated her life to the mentoring of future generations of scientific investigators.

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