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    Grateful Goodbyes and New Beginnings for JBMR

    Date: January 04, 2018

    The ASBMR bids a very fond farewell to Juliet Compston and her editorial team at the end of December, as their 5-year tenure at JBMR came to a close. Their contributions to the journal solidified its excellence and status as the premier bone journal in the world, and ASBMR is grateful for their careful stewardship. Please do not miss Juliet’s farewell editorial in the December issue of JBMR. Our enduring thanks to Senior Editors Roger Bouillon, Brendan Boyce, and Robert Nissenson, as well as Associate Editors Bo Abrahamsen, Mary Bouxsein, Lorenz Hofbauer, Thomas Lang, Mary Leonard, William Leslie, Pierre Marie, Masaki Noda, Deborah Veis, Ian Reid, Vicki Rosen, and Raj Thakker for their service to the journal.


    However, as we know the presses never stop! The ASBMR also welcomes the incoming JBMR team, starting this week under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief Roberto Civitelli. The new Deputy Editors, Lorenz Hofbauer, Fernando Rivadeneira, and Jennifer Westendorf, and Associate Editors, Laura Calvi, Thomas Carpenter, X. Edward Guo, Benjamin Leder, Christa Maes, Tuan Nguyen, Ann Schwartz, Chan Soo Shin, Marjolein van der Meulen, and Deborah Veis, will provide invaluable strategic guidance for maintaining and increasing the high quality of publications in JBMR, picking up right where the previous editors left off. Please join us in welcoming our new outstanding editorial team!

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