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    Risks of Calcitonin Outweigh Benefits, Says FDA Panel

    Date: March 06, 2013

    Earlier this week, a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Panel voted that the risks of calcitonin salmon outweigh its benefits for the treatment of post menopausal osteoporosis. Health authorities around the world have been reviewing the drug's safety after two recent studies showed a slightly higher rate of cancer among patients taking calcitonin pills. The European Medicines Agency concluded last July that potential risks of cancer with calcitonin outweighed its benefits.

    A narrow majority of panelists voted against continued use of the drug, pointing out that the drug has not been shown very effective at preventing bone fractures. However, other panelists believe the drugs are an important option for patients who have bad reactions to newer drugs, including bisphosphonate drugs. In a separate vote, the FDA panel was nearly unanimous that any future calcitonin drugs should be required to show real effectiveness in preventing bone fractures. The FDA will not make a final determination on calcitonin salmon for several months. However, the agency usually follows the recommendations from its advisory panels. Read the full article on the USA Today website.

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