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    Congratulations to the 2016 Annual Meeting Diversity Subcommittee Poster Competition Winners!

    Date: September 22, 2016

    The Diversity Subcommittee chairs, Kristy Nicks, Ph.D. and Chris Hernandez, Ph.D., would like to thank all the participants in the 2016 Diversity Subcommittee Poster Competition that took place during the Poster Sessions at the Annual Meeting. Congratulations to the following winners!

    • Poster Session I:
      Diana Olvera, M.S., “Single Bisphosphonate Dosing Enhances Effects of Sclerostin Antibody On Stiffness of the Vertebral Body During Growth in an Osteogenesis Imperfecta Mouse Model”
    • Poster Session II:
      Megan Pendleton, ”Effects of Ionizing Radiation on Ex-Vivo Fatigue Mechanics of Mouse Vertebra”
    • Poster Session III:
      Jesse Goliath, M.A., “Epiphyseal versus Metaphyseal Trabecular Microarchitecture: Regional Ontogenetic Patterns in the Human Proximal Tibia”
      Maria Belen Zanchetta, M.D., “Significant Bone Loss After Stopping Denosumab Treatment”

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