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    International Society of Nephrology Nexus Symposia in Denmark

    Date: November 07, 2011

    The next International Society of Nephrology (ISN) Nexus symposium will take place September 20-23, 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark. This meeting looks into cutting-edge physiology, pathophysiology and treatments relating to bone and mineral metabolism disorders and cardiovascular disease in CKD patients. It will also provide new insight into FGF23 and Klotho and their role in disturbed mineral metabolism and aging.

    It is a unique opportunity for renal scientists and clinicians to meet, learn, and exchange views on recent advances on these issues. Basic and clinical researchers in orthopedics and rheumatology can also gain valuable insight into this important topic within nephrology.

    For registration and location information, visit the ISN website or contact Jenny Bateman at jbateman@theisn.org.

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