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    Congratulations to the 2016 Rising Star Award Recipients!

    Date: September 28, 2016

    The Society is pleased to announce the six recipients of the 2016 ASBMR Rising Star Awards.  This new award provides funding to promising young scientists and physician-scientists in the bone field who have already been recognized by individual NIH “K awards” and other similar international professional development programs. A total of 32 applications were received (13 international, 19 U.S.) for this program.


    Patricia Juarez Camacho, Ph.D.
    Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education, “Development of specific nanomolecules for the treatment of triple negative Breast Cancer in Hispanic Population” (Conacyt Award, Mexico)


    Daniela Merlotti, M.D., Ph.D.
    University of Siena/Fondazione Umberto Di Mario, “Extraskeletal implications in Paget's Disease of Bone; role of p62/sequestome” (Ricerca Finalizzata Giovaani Ricercatori Ministero della Salute, Italy)


    Shinsuke Ohba, D.D.S., Ph.D.
    The University of Toyko, ”Dynamics of epigenome and transcription during the hedgehog  signaling-mediated specification of skeletal cells” (Grants-in-Aid for Young Scientists (A), Japan)


    Eva S. Liu, M.D.
    Brigham and Women’s Hospital, “Molecular and cellular determinants of enthesopathy in X-linked hypophosphatemia” (K08 grant, U.S.A.)


    Deborah M. Mitchell, M.D.
    Massachusetts General Hospital, “The effects of type 1 diabetes on bone health in children and adolescents” (K23 grant, U.S.A.)


    Kyu Sang Joeng, Ph.D.
    Baylor College of Medicine, “Identification of the molecular interaction between joint tissues as a pathophysiological mechanism of osteoarthritis” (K01 grant, U.S.A.)



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