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    Register now! FGF-23: An Interdisciplinary Dialog for Chronic Kidney Diseases

    Date: March 08, 2017

    Patients with Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKDs) frequently experience disturbances of mineral metabolism resulting in systemic effects on the blood, bone, and vasculature. Iron and phosphate are important to maintain these systems; however, the biological signals controlling their regulation are only partly understood. Fibroblast Growth Factor 23 (FGF-23), a bone-derived hormone, regulates systemic phosphate homeostasis. Its discovery also has revealed novel interactions between phosphate and iron homeostasis. The NIDDK extramural research community offers a wealth of existing resources, infrastructure, and expertise that could accelerate the progress in this developing research area. Interdisciplinary approaches to understanding the physiologic and molecular regulators of phosphate and iron among patients with CKDs may identify novel diagnostic tools, new interventions, and improve clinical outcomes.​​​​​​​​  Learn more and register for the event here.

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