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    ASBMR President Roland Baron Shares Vision for the Future

    Date: February 18, 2015

    Dear Colleagues:

    As I present my inaugural report as ASBMR President, let me first tell you that I am very impressed by the breadth and depth of ASBMR’s activities. Our society is strong and is a critical player in both the scientific and clinical communities of our field. It is most respected by all constituents, academia, industry and the government, and highly valued by its members, worldwide. It is a great honor to be at the head of such an organization. Thank you for trusting me.

    For me, the most important role of the ASBMR President is to have a vision, for the future of our field and for the role that ASBMR can play, ensuring the success of research and of its clinical translation, as well as the best care for the patients. This is indeed, besides our annual meeting and the financial health of ASBMR, what most of my energy has been spent on. As you will see I propose that we together focus on a positive vision for the future, in part by spending time on strategic planning and in part by implementing some new initiatives, aimed at what I believe constitute critical elements for the future of our field: helping rising stars, raising funds, reaching out to other organizations, leveraging our international reach, in part via the International Federation of Musculoskeletal Research Societies (IFMRS), and continuing to increase the quality of our science, being basic or clinical, and the impact of our journal(s).  Read more.

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