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    Congratulations to Junior Faculty Osteoporosis Research Awardees

    Date: August 13, 2013

    Qin and Sahni -Junior Faculty in Osteoporosis ResearchThe ASBMR is pleased to grant Ling Qin, Ph.D., (left) and Shivani Sahni, Ph.D. (right), the ASBMR 2013 Junior Faculty Osteoporosis Research (JFOR) awards. The program promotes clinical or basic research related to osteoporosis and assists award recipients with developing preliminary data to be used to compete for government or private funding. Dr. Qin’s project will research the novel role of EGFR in PTH anabolic actions in bone. Dr. Sahni, whose grant proposes to “clarify an important biological mechanism linking vitamin C, uric acid and bone mineral density,” will use her JFOR award to generate the data required for a subsequent NIH R01 grant. “Thank you for your generosity and vote of confidence as I pursue my academic goals,” Sahni said. “On behalf of many young investigator members in ASBMR, your support is greatly appreciated.”
    Dr. Sahni’s award is supported by an educational grant from Merck & Co., Inc.

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