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    FNIH Launches Biomarkers Consortium Bone Quality Project

    Date: December 11, 2013

    InvestigationThe Foundation of the National Institutes of Health (FNIH) is launching a three-year, collaborative study to "track the progression of osteoporosis more precisely" to "pave the way for more effective treatments." The Biomarkers Consortium Bone Quality Project will pool data from thousands of clinical studies to evaluate the effectiveness of two biomarkers that measure bone strength: quantitative computed tomography  and biochemical markers of bone turnover. Dennis Black, the principal investigator from the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), will be supported by two ASBMR members, Dr. Douglas Bauer from UCSF and Dr. Mary Bouxsein from Harvard Medical School. In addition to funds from the FNIH, the project is supported by ASBMR; Amgen, Inc.; Eli Lilly and Company; Merck & Co., Inc.; and the Dairy Research Institute®. Read more about the study here.

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