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This Saturday!
Help Spread the Word on World Osteoporosis Day, October 20th!

The World Osteoporosis Day (WOD) 2018 campaign calls for global action to improve bone health and prevent fractures due to osteoporosis, including vertebral (spine) fractures which often remain undiagnosed and untreated. This Saturday, October 20th, we want to share the message that secondary fractures are preventable, emphasizing the new Clinical Recommendations that were released at ASBMR’s Annual Meeting.  We have created a social media toolkit for our members to copy and paste ready-made tweets and posts to build awareness around secondary fracture prevention. We also encourage you to use the hashtag #No2ndFracture with tweets and posts of your own! In addition, you can join the conversation and build awareness by following the hashtags #worldosteoporosisday and #loveyourbones on your favorite social media accounts. For more information, visit the World Osteoporosis Day website.


Deadline This Monday – October 22nd!
Apply for the ASBMR John Haddad Young Investigator Award Today!

The American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR) and Advances in Mineral Metabolism (AIMM) are pleased to support the professional development of young investigators by offering ten ASBMR John Haddad Young Investigator Awards to attend the AIMM/ASBMR Meeting, April 8 - April 12, 2019, in Snowmass, Colorado, USA. Up to ten awardees will receive travel support and the opportunity to present their research, as well as interact with senior investigators and leaders in the field. Additional details and eligibility requirements are available on the ASBMR website. Applications must be received by this coming Monday, October 22, 2018.


Now Accepting Applications for the ASBMR Travel Grant to the IFMRS Herbert Fleisch Workshop!

The ASBMR is pleased to announce it will be offering three travel grants to the IFMRS Herbert Fleisch Workshop, to be held March 17-19, 2019 in Brugge, Belgium. This is a unique, vibrant workshop which takes place in an intimate setting with 100-150 attendees. Six senior investigators will present keynote lectures and there will be lots of opportunity to present and discuss your own science with your peers and leaders in the field. Click here to read more about the workshop. To apply for an ASBMR travel grant, visit the ASBMR website! The deadline for applications is Monday, November 26, 2018.


Register Today for the NIH Pathways to Prevention Workshop on Appropriate Use of Drug Therapies for Osteoporotic Fracture Prevention!

On October 30-31, 2018, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is hosting the Pathways to Prevention Workshop on Appropriate Use of Drug Therapies for Osteoporotic Fracture Prevention to better understand current knowledge gaps and to identify future research needs in using osteoporosis drugs. The workshop is free and open to the public—including patients, patient advocates, and their families—and is designed for researchers, practitioners, and other professionals who are interested in fracture prevention and the use of osteoporosis drugs. Registration is required, and attendees can join either in person at the NIH Main Campus or via NIH VideoCast (in-person attendance is strongly encouraged). Click here to learn more and register!


Apply for the Joint AGS/NIA Conference on Osteoporosis and Soft Tissue Disorders

"Osteoporosis and Soft Tissue Disorders "—the second in a three-part series of U13 Bench-to-Bedside Conferences—will be held March 11-12, 2019 in Bethesda, MD. Sponsored by the National Institute on Aging (NIA) and the American Geriatrics Society (AGS), the conference will provide attendees with opportunities to learn about cutting-edge research, participate in creating recommendations for future research, and network with colleagues and leaders in the field. Additional support is being provided by ASBMR for young investigators to attend. Click HERE for the preliminary conference agenda, and be sure to submit your application for travel support by Fri., Oct. 26. Learn more.


Now Accepting Applications for the USBJI Young Investigator Initiative Grant Mentoring and Career Development Program!

The USBJI Young Investigator Initiative is a grant mentoring program providing early-career investigators an opportunity to work with experienced researchers in our field to assist them in securing funding and other survival skills required for pursuing an academic career. Participants rate highly the one-on-one mentoring with experienced researchers, the opportunity for inter-disciplinary and peer-to-peer exchange, and collaborations established during workshops. The unique aspect of this program is the opportunity for attendees to maintain a relationship with a mentor until their application is funded. The Spring 2019 workshop will take place on April 26-28, 2019, in Rosemont, Illinois, USA (Chicago). Click here to learn more about the program, eligibility requirements, and application instructions. 


Together We Can Do Better: A Convening of Leaders in Academia to Prevent Sexual Harassment, Hosted by the NASEM’s Committee on Women in Science, Engineering, and Medicine

On November 9, 2018, join the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) in Washington, D.C., or via webinar for a convocation on developing and implementing policies, procedures, and practices to prevent sexual harassment in academia. Building on the recommendations in the recent report Sexual Harassment of Women: Climate, Culture, and Consequences in Academic Science, Engineering, and Medicine, this event will bring together academic leaders, Title IX and diversity officers, ombudsmen, researchers in sexual harassment, and leaders from professional societies, foundations, and federal agencies to discuss strategies and share promising practices. In-person and virtual participation options are available, registration is free, so click here to attend!

JBMR Highlights
Identification of novel loci associated with hip shape: a meta‐analysis of genome‐wide association studies
Denis A. Baird, Daniel S. Evans, Frederick K. Kamanu, Jennifer S. Gregory, Fiona R. Saunders, Claudiu V. Giuraniuc, Rebecca J. Barr, Richard M. Aspden, Deborah Jenkins, Douglas P Kiel, Eric S. Orwoll, Steven R. Cummings, Nancy E. Lane, Benjamin H. Mullin, Frances MK Williams, J. Brent Richards, Scott G Wilson, Tim D. Spector, Benjamin G. Faber, Deborah A. Lawlor, Elin Grundberg, Claes Ohlsson, Ulrika Pettersson‐Kymmer, Terence D. Capellini, Daniel Richard, Thomas J Beck, David M. Evans, Lavinia Paternoster, David Karasik, Jonathan H. Tobias
First Published: 15 October 2018

A novel rhein derivative modulates bone formation and resorption and ameliorates oestrogen‐dependent bone loss
Min Jiang, Tianqi Wang, Xueming Yan, Zhuochao Liu, Yufei Yan, Kai Yang, Jin Qi, Hanbing Zhou, Niandong Qian, Qi Zhou, Bo Chen, Xing Xu, Xiaobing Xi, Chunhao Yang, Lianfu Deng
First Published: 15 October 2018
Preventing and repairing myeloma bone disease by combining conventional antiresorptive treatment with a bone anabolic agent in murine models
Julia Paton‐Hough, Simon Tazzyman, Holly Evans, Darren Lath, Jenny M. Down, Alanna. C. Green, John A. Snowden, Andrew D. Chantry, Michelle A. Lawson
First Published: 15 October 2018
Gestational vitamin D supplementation leads to reduced perinatal RXRA DNA methylation: Results from the MAVIDOS trial
Elizabeth M Curtis, Nevena Krstic, Eloïse Cook, Stefania D'Angelo, Sarah R Crozier, Rebecca J Moon, Robert Murray, Emma Garratt, Paula Costello, Jane Cleal, Brogan Ashley, Nicholas J Bishop, Stephen Kennedy, Aris T Papageorghiou, Inez Schoenmakers, Robert Fraser, Saurabh V Gandhi, Ann Prentice, M Kassim Javaid, Hazel M Inskip, Keith M Godfrey, Christopher G Bell, Karen A Lillycrop, Cyrus Cooper, Nicholas C Harvey, the MAVIDOS Trial Group
First Published: 15 October 2018
JBMR Plus Highlights
Urinary N‐telopeptide as predictor of onset of menopause‐related bone loss in pre‐ and perimenopausal women
Albert Shieh, Gail A. Greendale, Jane A. Cauley, Carrie Karvonen‐Gutierrez, Joan Lo, Arun S. Karlamangla
First Published: 15 October 2018
MicroRNA and bone health in human
Vincent Ka‐Fai Cheng, Philip Chun‐Ming Au, Kathryn CB Tan, Ching‐Lung Cheung
First Published: 15 October 2018
Recurrent metastasized parathyroid carcinoma: long‐term remission after combined treatments with surgery, radiotherapy, cinacalcet, zoledronic acid and temozolomide
Sara Storvall, Eeva Ryhänen, Frank V. Bensch, Ilkka Heiskanen, Soili Kytölä, Tapani Ebeling, Siru Mäkelä, Camilla Schalin‐Jäntti
First Published: 11 October 2018
Bone Science in the News
Participating in sports during childhood may have long-term benefits for bone health
Medical Xpress (10/17/2018)
Risk for second fracture within 1 year nearly double in men vs. women
Endocrine Today (10/15/2018)
Vitamin D supplementation associated with dose-response increase in hypercalciuria
Endocrine Today (10/15/2018)
Hip stability after total hip arthroplasty predicted by intraoperative stability test and range of motion: a cross-sectional study
BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders (10/15/2018)
BMD trajectory can replace fracture as outcome in osteoporosis clinical trials
Endocrine Today (10/12/2018)
Osteoporosis development and vertebral fractures after abdominal irradiation in patients with gastric cancer
BMC Cancer (10/11/2018)
Bisphosphonate holiday may help to reduce atypical femur fracture risk
Internal Medicine News (10/9/2018)
New secondary fracture–prevention recommendations carry simple messages
Internal Medicine News (10/8/2018)
FOXO1 Deletion Reverses the Effect of Diabetic-Induced Impaired Fracture Healing
Diabetes Journal (10/2/2018)
Events Calendar
October 23, 2018
Career Development Webinar: “Mind the Gap: Avoiding and Surviving Gaps in Research Funding”
Online webinar
October 24, 2018
ASBMR Webinar: "Breast Cancer and Bone Disease"
Online webinar
October 30 - 31, 2018
NIH Pathways to Prevention Workshop: Appropriate Use of Drug Therapies for Osteoporotic Fracture Prevention
Bethesda, Maryland, USA
November 9, 2018
Together We Can Do Better: A Convening of Leaders in Academia to Prevent Sexual Harassment
Washington DC, USA
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