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ASBMR Member John Thomas Potts, M.D., Awarded Laurea Honoris Causa in Medicine

The School of Human Health Sciences of the University of Florence awarded the degree Honoris Causa in Medicine to Dr. John Thomas Potts, Physician-in-Chief Emeritus and Director of Research Emeritus at Massachusetts General Hospital. The ceremony took place on May 10, 2017 and celebrated Dr. Potts as one of the fathers of modern endocrinology and, in addition to being an eminent clinician, has been a pioneer of chemistry and biology of parathyroid hormone. He has contributed to fundamental discoveries on the mineral and bone metabolism diseases.

Letter from Dr. Stephen I. Katz: Communicating Research Progress and Impact

In Dr. Katz’s May letter, he reviews the NIH’s new guidance regarding the use of preprints, which are manuscripts before they have been peer-reviewed, edited or published. The notice clarified reporting instructions for preprints — and other interim research products — to allow investigators to cite and claim them as products of NIH funding. Dr. Katz also reminds grantees that press releases, videos, publications, interviews with reporters, and other communications must mention NIH support. Dr. Katz’s provides several examples of this which you can read in his full letter, here.

In-depth educational opportunities at the annual ASBMR Pre-Meeting Symposium focusing on specific topics relating to bone health

National Osteoporosis Month Week 4: Pathways to Prevention: Osteoporosis and the Patient (and Caregivers)

ASBMR continues to recognize National Osteoporosis Month this week through highlighting the pathways to prevention. Pathways to osteoporosis prevention are more important now than ever as fewer individuals at high risk for osteoporotic fractures are being treated. Follow along as we cast a spotlight on JBMR articles, Annual Meeting Sessions, and recent bone science articles that highlight methods of osteoporosis prevention. We also ask that you share pictures of your office, recently published articles, patient testimonies, and more with us so that we can highlight all that our members are doing to prevent and treat this disease. For more information on what ASBMR is doing throughout National Osteoporosis Month, click here.
Publication Highlights

A novel PGM3 mutation is associated with a severe phenotype of bone marrow failure, severe combined immunodeficiency, skeletal dysplasia, and congenital malformations
Guillermo Pacheco-Cuéllar, Julie Gauthier, Valérie Désilets, Christian Lachance, Marlène Lemire-Girard, Françoise Rypens, Françoise Le Deist, Hélène Decaluwe, Michel Duval, Dorothée Bauron Dal Soglio, Victor Kokta, Élie Haddad and Philippe M. Campeau
Accepted manuscript online: 22 MAY 2017

mTORC1 inhibits NF-κB/NFATc1 signaling and prevents osteoclast precursor differentiation, in vitro and in mice
Yue Zhang, Song Xu, Kai Li, Kang Tan, Kangyan Liang, Jian Wang, Junhui Shen, Wenchong Zou, Le Hu, Daozhang Cai, Changhai Ding, Mangmang Li, Guozhi Xiao, Bin Liu, Anling Liu and Xiaochun Bai
Accepted manuscript online: 18 MAY 2017

Rap1b is an effector of Axin2 regulating crosstalk of signaling pathways during skeletal development
Takamitsu Maruyama, Ming Jiang, Alycia Abbott, H-M Ivy Yu, Qirong Huang, Magdalena Chrzanowska-Wodnicka, Emily I Chen and Wei Hsu
Accepted manuscript online: 18 MAY 2017

Insulin-Stimulated Bone Blood Flow and Bone Biomechanical Properties are Compromised in Obese, Type 2 Diabetic OLETF Rats
Rebecca K. Dirkes, Laura C. Ortinau, R. Scott Rector, T. Dylan Olver and Pamela S. Hinton
Accepted manuscript online: 12 MAY 2017

Bone loss at the hip and subsequent mortality in older men: The Osteoporotic Fractures in Men (MrOS)
Peggy M. Cawthon, Sheena Patel, Susan K. Ewing, Li-Yung Lui, Jane A. Cauley, Jennifer G. Lyons, Lisa Fredman, Deborah M. Kado, Andrew R. Hoffman, Nancy E. Lane, Kristine E. Ensrud, Steven R. Cummings, Eric S. Orwoll and for the Osteoporotic Fractures in Men (MrOS) Study Research Group
Accepted manuscript online: 11 MAY 2017

Bone Science in the News

Heart safety clouds hopes for Amgen, UCB bone drug approval

Fracture Risk Doubled in 50 to 59 Year-Old Men with HIV (5/22/2017)

Amgen And UCB Announce Top-Line Phase 3 Data From Active-Comparator Study Of EVENITY™ (Romosozumab) In Postmenopausal Women With Osteoporosis
PharmaVoice (5/21/2017)
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