• Education Advisory Committee

    The Committee is charged with overseeing the development of education content and formats for ASBMR members outside of the ASBMR Annual Meeting.

    The Committee is charged to:

    • Identify knowledge gaps and needs of ASBMR members to create new education activities and formats for the ASBMR Education Resource Center (ERC).
    • Review content in the ASBMR ERC and make recommendations to staff to remove or reorganize content.
    • Oversee, develop content, and explore new formats for the ASBMR webinars series.
    • Work with the ASBMR Annual Meeting Program Committee and staff to identify synergies between new ERC content and Annual Meeting content.
    • Work with other ASBMR Committees when appropriate

    Committee Membership

    Jesus Delgado-Calle, Ph.D., Basic/Translational Co-Chair
    Anne Schafer, M.D., Clinical Co-Chair

    Joshua Farr, Ph.D.
    Deborah Mitchell, M.D.
    Luisa Plantalech, M.D.

    Angela Belusik, Staff Liaison 

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