• Innovation Committee

    The Committee is charged with leading the continuous improvement of the Annual Meeting to ensure that it remains the premier event that brings together global experts in the bone, mineral and musculoskeletal field.

    Committee Charges

    • Work with the ASBMR Annual Meeting Program Committee to recommend to Council strategic priorities related to the Annual Meeting
    • Regularly scout select scientific and nonscientific meetings to identify ideas that could be utilized to improve and enhance the ASBMR Annual Meeting, including non‐member speakers, session formats, attendee experiences, content pathways and onsite technologies
    • Work with the ASBMR Annual Meeting Program Committee on the implementation, evaluation and refinement of adopted ideas/strategies
    • Work with other ASBMR Committees when appropriate to realize identified Annual Meeting strategic priorities

    Committee Members

    Michael Mannstadt, M.D., Chair
    Suzanne Jan de Beur, M.D., ASBMR President
    Rachelle Johnson, Ph.D.
    Natalie Sims, Ph.D.
    Hanna Taipaleenmaki, Ph.D.

    Angela Belusik, Staff Liaison

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