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  • Women in Bone and Mineral Research Committee

    This committee is charged with mentoring women in the Society with respect to career advancement, academic promotions, combining a career with family, etc.

    • Identify future leaders of the Society and mentor them for positions on committees, speakers, moderators and session chairs at the ASBMR Annual Meeting, candidates for esteemed awards and leadership positions. 
    • Nominate women for committees, awards and leadership positions in the Society.
    • Organize an informational/social function at the ASBMR Annual Meeting (if meeting schedule and budget permit).
    • Develop and maintain a web page linked to the ASBMR website that serves as a resource for information related to women’s careers in biomedical science.
    • Monitor the success of the committee by measuring the: a) participation of women in ASBMR symposia and committees, b) number of committee and leadership nominees, award recipients and speakers, c) use of the web page.

    Committee Members

    Lilian Plotkin, Ph.D., Co-Chairperson
    Michelle McDonald, Ph.D., Co-Chairperson
    Edith Bonnelye, Ph.D.
    Sisi Cao, Ph.D.
    Manju Chandran, M.D.
    Erica Clinkenbeard, Ph.D.
    Sarah Dallas, Ph.D.
    Kyung-Hyun Park-Min, Ph.D.
    Amna Khan, M.D.
    Kelsey Mangano, Ph.D.
    Perla Reyes Fernandez, Ph.D.
    Amy Sato, Ph.D.
    Michaela Tencerova, Ph.D.

    Greg Maciog, Staff Liaison
    Alana Stewart, Staff Liaison
    Amy Hoang, Staff Liaison

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