• Katie Duffy

    Director of Publications

    + 1 (202) 367-1161

    • Supervises the production, marketing, and distribution of all ASBMR official scientific publications
    • Supervises the JBMR Editorial Office
    • Drafts budgets, monitors revenue and expenses, and develops financial projections for ASBMR’s official scientific publications
    • Ensures that appropriate standards of peer review are maintained
    • Advises the Publications Committee, JBMR Editor-in-Chief, JBMR Plus Editor-in-Chief, and Primer Editor-in-Chief on appropriate publication practices and editorial policies
    • Represents the ASBMR to related publications, publication vendors, and publishing organizations
    • Negotiates publications-related contracts and oversees vendor performance
    • Serves as Primary Staff Liaison to the:
      • Publications Committee
      • JBMR Editor-in-Chief, Senior Associate Editors and Associate Editors
      • JBMR Plus Editor-in-Chief, Senior Associate Editors, and Associate Editors
      • JBMR Editorial Board
      • JBMR Plus Editorial Board
      • Primer Editorial Board
      • Editor-in-Chief Search Committee

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