• ASBMR Felix Bronner Young Investigator Award

    The ASBMR Felix Bronner Young Investigator Award is awarded to the highest ranking abstract submitted by a young investigator with a focus on bone. This named award was recently established in honor of Felix Bronner, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, BioStructure and Function at the University of Connecticut Health Center. Award recipients will receive a $1,000 honorarium and a plaque. Eligible applicants must:

    • Be the first and presenting author of the abstract
    • Be a student/trainee or within five years of completion of a Ph.D., M.D., residency training or equivalent*
    • NOT be a past recipient of an ASBMR Felix Bronner Young Investigator Award

    *The five years of eligibility are defined to extend from the end of the calendar year of the date of graduation or, if applicable, of completion of residency training or clinical subspecialty fellowship training, to the submission deadline date. Clinical subspecialty fellowship training is considered to end no later than the point at which the individual becomes board eligible. To petition for an extension of eligibility, please contact the ASBMR.

    If an individual selected to receive a Young Investigator Award does not present his or her abstract at the meeting, or is found to have not fulfilled eligibility criteria, the award will be cancelled and/or forfeited. 

    Royalties from the following books go directly to support the Felix Bronner Young Investigator Award:

    Bone and Cancer

    Series: Topics in Bone Biology, Vol. 5 Bronner, Felix; Farach-Carson, Mary C. (Eds.) 2009

    Bone and Development

    Series: Topics in Bone Biology, Vol. 6 Bronner, Felix; Farach-Carson, Mary C.; Roach, Helmtrud I. (Eds.) 2010, XII, 300p. 66 illus., 44 illus. in color.

    Bone-Metabolic Functions and Modulators

    Series: Topics in Bone Biology, Vol. 7 Bronner, Felix; Farach-Carson, Mary C.; Roach, Helmtrud I. (Eds.) 2012, XIX, 310 p. 67 illus., 40 illus. in color.

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