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  • Shirley Hohl Service Award

    The Shirley Hohl Service Award is given to an individual whose activities best represent the dedicated and unselfish devotion in service to the Society and its mission and goals as exemplified by Shirley Hohl, the ASBMR's founding Executive Secretary. This award is given to an individual who is recognized by members of the Society as having made significant contributions to the mission of the ASBMR. The award includes a $2,000 honorarium and a plaque presentation at the Town Hall Meeting during the Annual Meeting.

    Shirley Hohl worked with the ASBMR from its inception, serving first as Executive Secretary, then as Consultant. She maintained the latter position until her death in 1996. Her presence markedly influenced the development of the Society and her contributions were fundamental to establishing the infrastructure of the Society and its success.

    Past Awardees

    Rhonda Prisby, Ph.D., 2023

    Sylvia Christakos, Ph.D., 2022

    Jane Aubin, Ph.D., 2021

    Douglas P. Kiel, M.D., MPH, 2020

    Roberta Faccio, Ph.D., 2019

    Jane A. Cauley, DrPh, 2018

    Roberto Civitelli, M.D. 2017

    Robert A. Adler, M.D. 2016

    Suzanne M. Jan De Beur, M.D. 2015

    Keith Hruska, M.D. 2014

    Janine Danks, Ph.D. 2012

    Joan A. McGowan, Ph.D. 2011

    Robert Nissenson, Ph.D. 2010

    Elizabeth Shane, M.D. 2008

    Philip A. Osdoby, Ph.D. 2007

    Paula Stern, Ph.D. 2006

    Julie Glowacki, Ph.D. 2005

    Jane Lian, Ph.D. 2004

    Marc K. Drezner, M.D. 2003

    Nicola Partridge, Ph.D. 2002

    Lawrence G. Raisz, M.D. 2001

    Arnold J. Kahn, Ph.D. 2000

    Murray J. Favus, M.D. 1999

    Norman H. Bell, M.D. 1998

    Louis V. Avioli, M.D. 1997

    2023 Shirley Hohl Service Awardee Profile

    Rhonda Prisby, Ph.D.

    Rhonda Prisby Ph.D.

    “It is a privilege to be selected for the 2023 Shirley Hohl Service Award. Given its namesake and what the award represents, I am humbled in my acceptance and honored to be placed among the esteemed past recipients. I would like to thank my colleagues and friends for their nomination of me: Drs. Marja Hurley, Melissa Kacena and Paola Divieti Pajevic. In addition, I would like to thank the Women’s Committee for supporting my nomination. Enormous gratitude is given to all who guided and influenced me along the way, including mentors, colleagues, students, staff, and friends. It is my intention to continue the work that led to my nomination, as it is needed now more than ever. Finally, I thank my family for their support. They have always served as the bedrock on which I stand.” ~ Rhonda Prisby, Ph.D.

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