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  • Yumie Rhee, M.D., Ph.D. - Councilor Candidate

    Professor, Yonsei University College of Medicine

    What prior experience do you bring that you believe will help to accomplish or address the Society’s current goals and issues?

    My journey has been driven by an unwavering commitment to advancing care in the field of bone and mineral disorders. This dedication has seamlessly aligned with the ethos of the ASBMR, enriching my involvement in various capacities within the organization. As an Ambassador, I successfully integrated ASBMR's highlight programs into the Bone Specialist Symposium under the Korean Society of Bone and Mineral Research (KSBMR). My active participation in reviewing abstracts for ASBMR and manuscripts for the JBMR, along with engagement in several interim committees, has been instrumental. A notable achievement includes orchestrating a significant fundraising milestone—securing a $25 million donation in 2020 as the Fund-Raising Officer for my school. These endeavors cumulatively facilitated my historic appointment as the first female Secretary-General of the KSBMR for the 2022-2023 term, a testament to my passion and capability in fostering growth within this domain.

    What would you like to accomplish during your tenure as a volunteer leader?

    In the coming three years, my ambition is to propel the ASBMR to the forefront of global musculoskeletal science dissemination, while advocating diversity and equity within the field. Becoming a Councilor of the ASBMR would serve as a pivotal example of leadership for Asian female bone biologists. This milestone would underscore the significance of diverse representation in our field, paving the way for future generations of women in science to aspire to and achieve leadership roles. Addressing the decline in young professionals entering this specialty is paramount, alongside fully utilizing the virtual platforms post-COVID19 to widen participation. My vision encompasses a holistic approach to meeting global needs through enhanced educational content, guidelines, and mentorship initiatives. Additionally, it is crucial to consistently update and disseminate data on osteoporosis and fractures, advocating for an open dialogue between academia and the industry on a global scale.

    What are one or two ideas that you would like to implement to address issues facing our membership and the Society?

    To address the complex landscape of osteoporosis care amidst an aging population and evolving treatment modalities, I propose the development of comprehensive, evidence-based guidelines. This initiative would complement existing resources with detailed explorations into diagnostic tools, risk assessments, and multifaceted treatment strategies. Furthermore, the inauguration of an annual virtual "BONE school" will serve as a dynamic platform for clinicians, translational researchers, and scientists at various career stages to engage in interactive learning and discourse. Lastly, embracing modern advancements through the integration of big data analysis and machine learning will position ASBMR at the cutting edge of research and application in our field.

    Biographical Information:

    I am Dr. Yumie Rhee, a Professor at the Department of Internal Medicine, Yonsei University College of Medicine in Seoul, Korea, and I am honored to seek your support for my candidacy as a Councilor of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR). With a robust background in endocrinology and a fervent passion for bone metabolism, I have dedicated my career to advancing the field through relentless evidence-seeking research, exemplary service, and unwavering commitment to mentorship and leadership.

    Professional Journey and Research Contributions: Graduating from Yonsei University, I have always been deeply intrigued by the dynamic and endocrine roles of bone. My early research focused on parathyroid hormone, laying a strong foundation for my career in bone metabolism. Over the years, I have authored 213 international publications, including 14 in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research (JBMR) and 5 in JBMR Plus, alongside 58 Korean peer-reviewed journals. My work has been recognized with the prestigious Young Investigator’s Award at the 2009 ASBMR annual meeting, and I was honored to be named a Fellow of the ASBMR in 2020.

    My research spans various aspects of bone and mineral metabolism, from translational to clinical studies. Under the mentorship of Professors Sung-Kil Lim and Teresita Bellido, I have expanded my clinical research to include significant studies on rare skeletal diseases and osteoporosis, both primary and secondary. My efforts in studying the diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to these conditions have led to discrete contributions in the field, especially with all the collaborations in national and international partnerships.

    Leadership and Service in Academic Societies: My commitment to the academic community is reflected in my extensive service to academic societies in the bone field. As the Director of the Committee of International Cooperation for the Korean Society of Bone and Mineral Research and an Ambassador of the ASBMR, I have played a pivotal role in fostering international collaborations. I have served on the editorial boards of several esteemed journals, especially JBMR and JBMR Plus. Recently, I have joined as an Associate Editor for JBMR Plus.

    At Yonsei University, I have held numerous leadership positions, such as Head of the Endocrine Laboratory, Secretary-General of Student Affairs, and Vice Dean of Educational Affairs. My role as Director of Severance Academy and the Office of Fundraising Affairs highlights my experience in enhancing the educational and research infrastructure at our institution.

    Mentorship and Advocacy: Mentorship is a cornerstone of my career, as I had good support and help from my mentors. I have guided numerous clinical fellows and junior faculty members, many of whom have gone on to hold significant positions in academia and clinical practice. My mentees have contributed to the advancement of endocrinology and bone metabolism, reflecting the success of our collaborative efforts.

    Contributions to ASBMR: As an active member of ASBMR since 2001, I have contributed to various committees and initiatives. My roles have included serving as an editorial board member for JBMR, an ad-hoc member of the Women in Bone and Mineral Research Committee, a member of the Education Work Group and Nominating Committee, and a reviewer for research proposals and abstracts. I have co-chaired symposiums and oral sessions, sharing my expertise on several bone and mineral disorders and osteoporosis.

    Vision for ASBMR: If elected as a Councilor, I aim to strengthen ASBMR's global outreach, fostering greater collaboration among international researchers. I am committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within the society, ensuring that our community represents a broad spectrum of perspectives and experiences. My goal is to enhance the support for young investigators and facilitate the translation of research findings into clinical practice, improving patient outcomes worldwide.

    In conclusion, my passion and experience in research, leadership, and mentorship, combined with my commitment to the field of bone and mineral research, make me an ideal candidate for the ASBMR Councilor position. I am eager to bring my expertise and enthusiasm to serve the ASBMR community and advance our collective mission

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