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    Last Shuttle Flight Includes Experiment by ASBMR Members

    Date: June 28, 2011

    The last space shuttle flight, which launched into orbit earlier this month, included an experiment to evaluate a new drug treatment that could prevent bone loss. Put together by a team of scientists and engineers that includes several ASBMR members, the experiment uses a validated mouse model to examine the effectiveness of experimental drug therapies against bone loss that results from prolonged life in low gravity. Investigators will look at whether the use of an anti-sclerostin antibody can induce bone formation and thereby prevent skeletal deterioration, and whether changes in the blood supply to the bones and bone forming tissues may contribute to bone loss in low gravity.  ASBMR members involved in the project include: Mary Bouxsein, Ronald Midura, Chris Paszty, David Ke, Martyn Robinson and Virginia Ferguson.  Individuals interested in more information about this project are encouraged to visit this website

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