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    Astronaut Brings Osteoporosis Lessons From Space Down To Earth

    Date: November 05, 2013

    Hadfield Space Oddity OsteoporosisIn a video that has been viewed more than 18 million times, astronaut Chris Hadfield covers David Bowie’s 1969 song, “Space Oddity,” to scenes from a recent orbit. In an NPR interview with Terry Gross, Hadfield discussed the osteoporosis he’s developed since the trip – and its reversal. “As I'm sitting here talking to you, I am re-growing bone and my osteoporosis … is reversing.” He reflected on the potential for astronauts to help researchers understand the mechanism by which his body is repairing his brittle bones. “About a year after I get back, so next spring, I should have the same skeleton that I launched with. And so I'm a big lab rat right now that [they] are studying to try and understand both the fragility of my hip cradle as it exists right now, and how the body is deciding to grow that spongy trabecular bone back.” Read more to learn about Hadfield’s reversing osteoporosis and his insights on space travel.

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